Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure®
Diplomate in Asian Bodywork Therapy, (NCCAOM)
514 E. Sedgwick St. Rear, Philadelphia, PA 19119

Contact Stephen for the dates of uncoming classes. He teaches JIn Shin Do® classes on a regular basis.


Jin Shin Do® means "the way of the compassionate spirit".

Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure uses gentle yet deep finger pressure on specific acu-points and verbal Body Focusing techniques, to help release armoring or chronic tension, balance the Qi or energy, and improve vitality. This clothes-on method helps relieve stress and trauma related problems. A unique synthesis of a traditional Japanese acupressure technique, classic Chinese acu-theory, Taoist philosophy, Qigong (breathing and exercise techniques), Reichian segmental theory and principles of Ericksonian psychotherapy, Jin Shin Do acupressure was originated by Iona Marsaa Teeguarden.

This system of Asian bodywork makes use of the 8 Strange Flows, which are the most primal energy routes in the body. When open, these pathways move qi around the body, continually adjusting and moderating the balance of the 12 Organ Meridians. These flows act as a template or blueprint of who we are and where we're moving toward. The ancient Taoists considered them to be extremely amenable to imagination, meditation, and the use of the hands.

As the recipient, you remain clothed and comfortable, lying on your back. A series of points are chosen to address blockages and to help alleviate the client's imbalances. Two points are held simultaneously with gentle, yet firm pressure while encouraging the recipient to hold their awareness on these extraordinary places. Feelings, emotions, images, sensations, and memories may arise as chronic tension and armor begin to release. The recipient may have the sense of doorways opening, which they may choose to explore with the practitioner. Sessions are gentle and tend to feel deeply meditative.

Jin Shin Do® permits an awareness of ways in which the bodymind is blocked or tense.

This awareness allows for resolution of the conflicts underlying the tension, facilitating emotional as well as physical well-being.

Stephen Markman has been a registered Jin Shin Do® practitioner since 1998 and an authorized teacher since 2002.

He is also a certified practitioner with the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia.
He has taught classes at the SpringHaven Wellness Center, The Baltimore School of Massage, Got Your Back, and Rivertown Yoga and Health.

"I find great joy in working with loving Awareness. I believe that this awareness is the greatest tool the body worker has in his/her bag. This tool needs no instructions - we need only sit with the Silence within and allow. This is the beginning of movement and conscious change."

Stephen teaches two different
Jin Shin Do® classes.

1) Module One: Basic Class
40 CEU's for NCBTMB

This class is usually taught over 5 weekend days. It can be used as the first step in becoming a Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® practitioner, or can be used on its own or added to a bodywork modality.

This is an extremely comprehensive class which focuses on inner awareness. The emotional, mental, spiritual, as well as physical attributes of these acupoints are introduced, offering the student a broader picture of the gifts these points offer us.

In this class you will learn:

o Basic acupressure theory
o To locate 55 powerful acu-points with anatomical detail and individual attention
o To focus on deep release of muscle tension, as one learns to transform, rather than hold and repress feelings
o To use acu-point combinations for common problems, including tension in the head, neck, shoulders, back, chest, abdomen, pelvis and extremities
o A simple color-coded method of point combination (chart provided) for release of specific tensions
o The emotional associations of specific segments of chronic tension, or "armoring"
o Taoist Qi Gong: The 8 Silken Movements, which facilitate relaxation and structural-energetic balancing
o 8 Special energy pathways called the Extraordinary Vessels, or Strange Flows, and their applications for Individual circumstances
o Strange Flow release patterns for body mind relaxation and rejuvenation
o Segmental Release Method for bodymind armoring
o Basic verbal processing and body-focusing skills to assist a release process
o Hara breathing-a Taoist exercise which increases the amount of available qi
o To promote a pleasant state in which one can move out of the head and into the body, accessing inner wisdom

 - Students practice with each other daily
- A class manual is provided and a certificate is awarded

Basic Class dates are:
Saturday and Sunday July 18th, 19th, 26th and August 1st and 2nd, 2015.
9:30am - 6:30pm each day with an hour for lunch.

Free Basic Class Demo: Sunday June 28th, 2015 from 11am - 1pm in the waiting room at Dr. Joe's house. (Parking is in front of the 514 E. Sedgwick St- then go down driveway to last door on right).

 2) Fundamentals of Self-Acupressure
          8 CEU's for NCBTMB

In this class, we will teach 25 powerful acupoints for promoting balance, health, relaxation and a sense of well-being in the entire body.

These points and point combinations will be helpful with friends, family and clients.

Learn points to address:

+back and joint problems
+digestive difficulties
+reproductive imbalances
+muscular and emotional stress and tension

Also learn the Basic Neck/Shoulder Release
Students will practice with each other, as well.

A class manual is provided and a certificate awarded


Jin Shin Do® Acupressure is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment or cure of disease. It is a relaxation therapy, and a useful adjunct to licensed, qualified medical or psychological care. For any persistent pain or symptom, even a seemingly minor one, the reader is strongly encouraged to consult a medical doctor. When used in conjunction with standard medical treatment, the Jin Shin Do Acupressure technique can assist the healing process by releasing tension, decreasing stress and encouraging a sense of increased well-being.