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Dr. Barry Wahner has been practicing Chiropractic in Philadelphia since 1991. Over those years he has helped thousands of people improve their health and "feel a lot better". He has a holistic approach to healing ~ he works to find the cause of a person's illness and to remove that cause.
In his practice Dr. Barry uses several healing techniques including spinal adjustments, trigger point therapy and manual muscle therapy. He also offers professional advice on exercise, injury avoidance and nutrition.
Dr. Barry has a personal background in sports and athletics and he studied to become a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician.

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An interview with Dr. Barry Wahner, Chiropractor

      I sat down with Dr. Barry Wahner to find out more about him and his practice. I would like to share what I learned about him and his practice. Dr. Wahner is a Chiropractor who has practiced in Philadelphia since 1991. In those years he has helped thousands of people to improve their health, recover from illness or injury and to feel better. His approach to healing is to find the CAUSE of his patient's problem and to remove that cause. He feels that covering up a problem with medications or doing other things to temporarily reduce a symptom ultimately allows that problem to worsen and can create new problems. The best solution he says is to fix the cause of the problem and thus restore the person's health.
      When caring for his practice members Dr. Wahner uses several healing techniques including spinal adjustments, extremity joint adjustments and mobilizations, trigger point therapy and manual muscle therapy. Additionally, he has a background in biomechanics and is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. He teaches classes on biomechanics, health and wellness to local companies interested in helping their employees enjoy better health.
      When asked about what gives him satisfaction in his career, Dr. Wahner stated, "It is fun to work with people and help them to regain their health. It is very satisfying to work with someone who has been suffering with a health problem that affects their ability to be active and then over time, see them return to a normal lifestyle. When I take care of someone who can't work or do the things they need to do and then, one day, they come in and tell me about how they can work again or play with their kids or play their sport again -- that is a terrific day. Each person is different so it makes each day a little different and always interesting. "
      I asked Dr. Wahner what keeps him motivated in his career? " I know people come to our office because of our reputation. I want to be sure to exceed their expectations and give them the best that I have to offer. Most of our practice members were referred to my office by other satisfied patients or by their family doctors. Those people who referred the new member put trust in me to take care of that person and to treat them well. I don't want to disappoint them or the new member so I have to keep up the quality of my work and in fact keep improving everything I do."
      I wanted to know for what types of health problems do people frequently seek his help. This is what Dr. Wahner had to say: "Today in my office I helped many different people with various health challenges such as spinal pain, disc injuries, pinched nerves, headaches, muscle and joint injuries and even such non specific problems as stress and tension."
      "People seek out my help after auto accidents, sports injuries and work accidents. Because of my reputation for helping injured people recover, local businesses have contacted me to be their Chiropractor to care for their injured employees."
      "Even with all the success I have in helping injured people recover, the most satisfying and most fun people to work with are those who come to me WITHOUT any specific complaints or injuries. These people want "Wellness Care" which is care designed to keep a person functioning at their highest level possible and to keep them feeling good. There are people who have been coming to my office for Wellness Care on a regular basis for years now. When I asked them what benefits they noticed from their care they tell me that they feel better, they have less aches and pains, they have more energy and they notice that our care reduces their stress unlike anything else they have found. It makes you wonder who wouldn't want to have that for themselves?"
      I was curious about how Dr. Wahner could help me and so of course I asked him. "As a Chiropractor I find that most of the people who come to me for assistance with a problem can be helped" Dr. Wahner told me. "Most people are amazed by how much they improve and how much better they can feel. So often people have had a problem for so long that they think it can't be changed. Many times they have been told by other doctors that they should just learn to live with their problem. Seeing those people improve makes all the hard work and time I put into my Practice worth it."
      "But, it is not as simple as saying, 'Come in to see me and I will help you". Each person is different and has different health challenges and goals. To determine how and if I can help someone we must sit down together and discuss their current health, their health history and their goals. Then I perform an exam to determine what tissues are damaged, what problems exist and to get an overall view of how this person is doing. If x-rays or further tests are needed those are ordered at that time. After that visit I sit down and study the results of the exam and any test results and determine if I can help that person and if so I draw up a care plan. My goal of the initial visit is to be able to tell the person if I can help them and if so, how I can help them. If I can't help them reach their health care goals I will tell them that and I will try to guide them to someone who can."
      "I feel that if a person is having a problem with their health or is not happy with how they feel they should get help. An evaluation can help to find out what is wrong and can give you the answers you need to solve the problem and enjoy better health.
I am available to help you feel better, have less aches and pains, have more energy and to reduce your stress. That is what my Chiropractic Practice is all about!"
      That is all the time we had but Dr. Wahner said to find out more check out his Websight at Or he invited you to call his office at (215)842-2227 and he or his assistants will be glad to answer your questions.