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514 East Sedgwick Street, Philadelphia, PA 19119
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Joseph Price, MD
is a board certified family physician who has lived and practiced in Mount Airy for over 25 years. Dr. Price believes in treating the whole person, not just the symptoms nor individual maladies. He listens well to each patient and together they develop curative and preventative strategies and treatment plans. His intimate knowledge of diverse and complementary healing techniques greatly benefits his patients. Dr. Price founded Partners in Wellness© as an outgrowth of his belief in integrating various traditional and non-traditional healing techniques in order to offer fully integrated care.

Joseph W. Price, MD – Statement of Practice
Optimal health is much more than the absence of illness. It is the conscious pursuit of the highest qualities of spiritual, emotional, physical, cognitive and social well-being. This is, and has been the focus of my practice for nearly three decades. As a holistic physician:

• I encourage patients to take control of their own health with information, better choices and the use of humor, love, hope and enthusiasm.

• I urge and support patients to build on their own innate healing capacity.

While I incorporate conventional western medicine and other complementary practices into my practice, my work with patients starts from the perspectives that unbalance in our lives cause and worsen illness. In my belief

• Preventing illness is always preferable to treating illness—saving time, pain and money for the patient.

• Searching for the underlying causes of disease is more effective than treating symptoms alone.

My hope is to engage individuals and families in an integrated path toward well-being that brings in the best of eastern and western approaches. The result is a conscious journey toward wellness bringing peace and joy.