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TAI CHI with Rob Gepner-Mueller

"We are designed for movement. Inherent in this design is an incredible capacity for ease, flexibility, power and expressiveness whether we are playing Tai Chi, hammering a nail, working at a computer, or singing an aria. All too often we unwittingly interfere with this design. Energy, delight and grace give way to effort, tension and fatique. Disciplines like Tai Chi Chuan and the Alexander Work offer us a joyful, systematic look into the underlying principles which guide human movement. We learn to sense how we are doing, what we are doing. We learn how to direct our unnecessary tension into useful energy.

Rob has studied Tai Chi for over 25 years and Alexander Work for 20 years. he has worked as an actor, a schoolteacher, and as a carpenter. "A primary reason for my teaching Tai Chi and the Alexander Work is to continually deepen my own learning which I accomplish best while experimenting with and relating to others."