Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Certified Reflexologist

Massage, Nutrition & Lifestyle Counseling, Reflexology


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Sarah Bettien-Ash, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), Certified Reflexologist, Baltimore School of Reflexology

Sarah is a co-founder of Healthy Horizons Family Wellness Group that she founded with her husband. Both Sarah and her husband Scott are dedicated to helping people regain the energy of their youth, and to inspiring them to keep a healthy, active lifestyle in their future, reducing the stress on the nutritional and physical stress on their bodies’.

Sarah is an expert at introducing people to simple, tasty ways to prepare nutritious foods, and how people can use these foods medicinally to treat their particular health problems.

Sarah also believes that regular massage and reflexology treatments in addition to dietary adjustments are essential parts of a healthy lifestyle.

She received degrees from Millersville University, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and the Baltimore School of Reflexology, and she enjoys giving lectures to help people learn that the power to heal their bodies in is their own hands.

The most helpful healer in Sarah’s life has been her daughter Sienna, who is 5. Being a mother challenges Sarah to reach new levels of health, so that she can be a powerful role model for her daughter.

Sarah is excited to be a part of Partners in Wellness, which is an amazing community of healers who are dedicated to guide people’s healing process with a variety of healing modalities that are designed to treat people’s bodies, minds and spirits.

Find out more about my nutrition counseling at :
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What clients say about working with Sarah:

“Sarah is amazing. She is very sensitive and understanding of what's going on with me. She was especially empathic in helping me as a new father with her passion for childbirth and parenting. I highly recommend her as your holistic health counselor.”

-Michael Shell, Washington, DC

"It was a pleasure to work with Sarah. She was very compassionate with me because we related to each other on a lot of issues. Sarah was very willing to go the extra mile, which really helped me trust her, and eventually, trust myself".

--Erica Hesselson, Reading, PA

“Sarah is a very spiritual counselor and it comes from her heart. She offers suggestions that you can accomplish and feel good about yourself.”

--Barbara Buccerarelli, Norwalk, CT

Working with Sarah has been a truly transformative experience! As a single mother of three very active kids she has helped me achieve a sense of balance in my life which has naturally translated into a happier and more peaceful home. My kids and I now look forward to spending time shopping at the health food store and enjoy preparing delicious, healthy meals together. Instead of being another "thing" to do, mealtime has become a sacred time of the day for my kids and I. We enjoy sitting together, being present and tasting the meal we prepared together!

--Jen Olsen, Natick, MA