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A professional registered nurse (ER, Critical Care) for over 30 years, Verna has spent recent years voraciously learning about and healing from a wide variety of integrative holistic modalities.  A certified Reiki Master, she now teaches first year nursing students, exposing them whenever possible to the vast worlds of healing beyond traditional medical models.  Her own experience led her to recently become a certified forensic nurse examiner; she finds working with victims of sexual assault in its immediate aftermath deeply satisfying and intensely life-shaping as well. And  since she believes that one cannot fully "recover" oneself without also helping to heal the world in which wounding takes place, Verna is part of a team who take sexual awareness/sexual assault prevention programs to young teens in local schools. 

Verna's mission is to be a  healing heart presence in the world, consciously  co-creating  whatever miracles  (burstings forth of new life possibilities) that Spirit and fellow sojourners are ready to set free.  She is available for individual and group presentations on a variety of topics, and may be reached at